Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist

Hey bride tribe! Are you in charge of throwing a bachelorette party? You want to make this day super special for the bride, but there’s just so many moving parts and you don’t know where to even begin! It can be stressful—we get it! But it doesn't have to be. Planning ahead will get you the most payoff for your efforts. Follow our timeline below to help you pull off the ultimate bridal bash!

Three to Five Months Before

  • Go over the bachelorette party theme with the bride.
    Find out whether this is going to be a low-key event or an all out night of debauchery. Get a feel for what kind of energy she’s envisioning for this party, then later you can decide on the all of the different activities! Also, get details about what she definitely wants to do and what she definitely wants to avoid.

  • Get a guest list from the bride.
    Double check to make sure that everyone is also invited to the wedding (otherwise, that would be awkward!) and that all of the bridesmaids are included.

  • Look at a calendar and set the date.
    Usually bachelorette parties are celebrated a couple months before the wedding. Some groups will throw their bachelorette party just a week or two before. Consider factors like when everyone in the bridal party is going to be available and if anyone needs to fly in from out of town when you pick a date for your bachelorette party! And don’t forget to consider the weather! For instance, if the bride wants lots of pool time, best not to plan during rainy season!

Two Months Before

  • Brainstorm with the group.
    Time to come up with fun ideas for bachelorette party activities and games! For something wild and unique, try pole dancing classes or witchy spellcasting sessions here at Minx + Muse Austin Bachelorette Parties! There are so many unique and unforgettable options available. You can find a list of additional ideas on our “Bachelorette Weekend Ideas in Austin, TX” blog post here! Just remember to take into account what the bride would enjoy.

  • Devise an itinerary.
    Come up with a detailed schedule for the day(s). Map out where you’ll be going and how long you’ll be there. Figure out if you’ll need to arrange for transportation and lodging. Be sure to ask about any discounts for bachelorette parties and group deals! And a word of advice: don’t blow your load (as the expression goes) on the first night! We always recommend our Friday night parties as a great option to get out and have some fun with the squad, but still be able to wake up feeling good the next morning!

One Month Before

  • Send out invitations.
    Online digital evites where attendees can communicate with each other is best!

  • Make all necessary reservations.
    This includes restaurants, bars, transportation, entertainment, tours, dance studios, etc.

  • Divvy up responsibilities among the group.
    Have someone in charge of games, decorations, activities, and food and drinks. Also have one person in charge of handling all communication, to keep things simple.

  • Purchase any custom products.
    Are you looking to get matching bride tribe shirts or custom bachelorette weekend koozies? These are all fun and make for great photos, just make sure you order in time for production and delivery!

One Week Before

  • Buy bachelorette party favors and supplies.
    Pretty Goods ATX is a great shop here in Austin, or search Etsy!

  • Confirm all RSVPs.

  • Confirm all reservations.

One Day Before

  • Send a group text or email.
    Send a detailed itinerary to the guests. Include location addresses, meeting times, contact info, etc.

  • Check in with the bride.
    Let her know what she needs to know—but it’s totally cool to keep the juicy details under wraps!

  • Get a good night’s rest!

Wooooo! Get your beauty rest because you’re going to need it!

Congrats, babe—you’ve just planned one kick-ass party! Now it's time to let loose and have some fun! Download our Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist for free and save it to your phone for easy access!

Any suggestions you'd like to add? Please comment below!